Pieni Leivontapuoti

Part of designing new services

Pieni Leivontapuoti got bravely into developing new, web-operated services for their company. We helped their company with planning and finding technical solutions, testing and getting these started.

When it comes to marketing we planned the name,look, and message of the new service together with the company. Together with the company, we also created a marketing strategy that pays attention to the new services.


Pieni Leivontapuoti
Pieni Leivontakoulu


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Teija Mikkola
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Phone 050 529 6484

“Thank You Reddo and especially Teija! You are wonderful experts and You do Your work with Your heart in it. On the difficult Corona-spring we started an whole new project and I gained a whole lot of professional help from You to begin and go through with it. I felt that success (in this project) truly was our common goal.

Firm expertise presented in an explicit and relaxed, straightforward  measures. I am more than happy and we will surely meet again. Thank You!”

Piia Hanni, Pieni Leivontapuoti