Pyhän asteli

Wholesome brand renewal

Branding of the Pyhän Asteli started at spring of 2020. Together we got through the customer paths and visualized the atmosphere we want to create for a person who gets to know Pyhän Asteli for the first time. Our problem was, that our previous brand did not match with our customer base then.

Brand work is not just some traditional logo- and website changes, it is wholesome design of customer experience. We included it with changes of decoration and lighting and also the design of restaurants and accommodation to better serve the wanted target group. We also did 5-year plan of brand- and investment, which included accommodation, lighting, decoration and restaurant as their own entities but as an united packet.


Pyhän Asteli 



Experts of Reddo

Lieven De Rycke
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Teija Mikkola
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Pyhän Asteli