Reddo Partners Oy - A Consultant Agency developing business in Lapland 

We are specialized in helping companies to find solutions to their challenges and development needs. We offer solutions especially in marketing,sales, product and service development and customer experience management.

Our clients are new companies looking for the right way to start their sales and marketing or companies who want a new boost to their operations and sales. We offer help  to develop their companies products, services and processes.  

We solve challenges with you not for you

The analysis of the present state of the company and the definition of the future objectives of development helps you to see the different possibilities better. During the company-specific consultation (on marketing, development, growth or digitalisation) we go through the alternatives suited for your company's needs. We help you to find new ways of working and new tools to get your business growing. 

We do not only consult , we also execute

Besides consultation we offer website and webshop planning or development, e-marketing planning and execution and content planning for different kinds of platforms (social media channels, websites etc.)

Training courses tailored to your needs

We train companies in marketing and sales. 

We also train companies into the use of different e-marketing platforms such as social media channels, website and webshop content management tools (especially WordPress and Woocommerce).

Contact Information

Jani Siivola

Managing director, marketing expert

040 717 7815

[email protected]


Teija Mikkola

Digital expert

050 529 6484

[email protected]


Lieven De Rycke

Sales director, partner

040 820 3535

[email protected]


Marianne Kupari

Sales- and marketing assistant

044 237 3227

[email protected]