International sales and marketing

We at Reddo help you expand your business into international markets

  • When should you start international marketing? How to develop international marketing and target sales to the right audience? What channels should be used to reach the desired target audience? We can help your company with these and other questions related to reaching international markets.
  • Our service includes a geographic market analysis, including a price level analysis, logistics and distribution channels, an inventory of competitors in the region, and advice of customs and taxes. We also organise any networking events and trade fairs.

Develop your business with the services of ELY-Centre

  • Business development services are consultancy and training services supported by the ELY-Centre to help SMEs grow, innovate, internationalise and create jobs. By using these services, your business will be well equipped to succeed in a changing world.
  • At Reddo, we act as a framework supplier for the ELY-Centre's services in marketing and customer development needs, as well as in developing finances and productivity through digitalization.
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