We are Reddo!

Reddo is a different in a progressive way kind of consulting agency. We work with a big heart, valuing every client and being passionate about our clients’ businesses.

Reddo started in 2008 as an advertising agency. Over the years, the company’s expertise has expanded and diversified to cover a wide range of business areas, but with a particular focus on product development, marketing, digitalization and growth. Reddo is based in Rovaniemi, but operates smoothly throughout Finland and even internationally. The company is co-owned by Belgian Lieven, who brings his own special touch; development in five languages!

Our mission

Reddo’s mission is to help customers succeed: to increase knowledge, improve efficiency in decision-making, reduce risk, and provide concrete tips and advice on how to improve their business. At Reddo, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but our customers we do!

Our vision

Reddo Partners is known in Finland and abroad for its strong expertise. Reddo has a diverse and extensive network of experts who inspire, excite and innovate.


Customer value proposition

Reddo helps your business develop quickly, efficiently and professionally with our expertise in marketing, growth and digitalization. We speak and communicate clearly about development issues with our heart in it. We treat our clients’ business like our own.

Competitive advantage

Our competitive advantage is our diverse and long experience in different business areas, as well as our efficiency and flexibility in working methods. We use a wide range of digital channels and tools. We also put our creativity to work in product development. We work in a multidisciplinary way and our operations extend beyond Finland’s borders. We guarantee quality in everything we do; from sparring to consulting and from training to coaching.