Content creation

Onnistuneella sisällöntuotannolla tavoitetaan oikea kohderyhmä
Content creation means developing content in a unique and sellable way in form of text or other media to be part of effective marketing
  • Evaluation of the digital services and tools of business and also analysing the current state of competitors
  • Paid social media marketing
  • Content planning and -production into digital channels including web-services, mobile services and social media and also taking account multi-platform design
  • mapping digital tools
  • Social media based annual plan and social media calendar to assist business

Improve Your company with services from ELY-centre

  • Development services for companies are consulting and education services supported by ELY-centre which are used to support the growth, renewing and internationalization of SME-companies along with boosting employment. Using the services gives Your company the keys to success in the changing world.
  • We here at Reddo operate as framework producer for the services of ELY-centre when it comes to marketing and customership-related need of development and also with improving economy and productivity using digitalization.
Get to know the development services for companies (In Finnish)