Arctic Laundry

A comprehensive development project in the early stages of a business

“I first met Jani at a course for entrepreneurs. During the course, I was impressed by his firm and knowledgeable grasp of the issues covered. I decided to contact him when I started to build my new business and now, after about a year of working with him, I am very satisfied.

I have needed help with both business development and graphic design. I have also received a lot of so-called altruistic sparring if I have faced new and difficult issues. I feel that this team takes their work seriously, the help is always available and professional. Our graphic design has received positive attention.

Our collaboration is guaranteed to continue. Thank you Jani, Lieven, Roosa, Teija and Marianne.”

Tarja Talvilahti, Arctic Laundry


Arctic Laundry


Laundry services


Jani Siivola 
[email protected], 040 717 7815

Lieven De Rycke
[email protected] , 040 820 3535

Teija Mikkola
[email protected], 050 529 6484

Marianne Kupari
[email protected], 044 237 3227




Helping in the stages of setting up a business

We took part in the development of Arctic Laundry from the concept phase to the opening. Together with the entrepreneur, we designed and developed the entire concept.

We also helped in the design of the location, atmosphere, pricing strategy, visuals and customer experience.

On the marketing side, we helped the business with branding, pricing, visual identity design and implementation, and overall marketing planning.