Search engine analysis of websites

Website analysis for search engine optimization

  • Does your website have all the elements in place for successful search engine optimization?
  • One of the most important things when planning a successful search engine optimization is to ensure the technology, content and links of the page to be optimized.
  • We will analyse your website and find out what you need for search engine optimization.

Website analysis package

As a result of the website analysis, you get a clear and understandable overview of the condition, content and status of your website from a search engine perspective.

We will also tell you what the next steps could be to develop your website independently or, alternatively, we would be happy to continue the project together.

Your consultant:

Marianne Kupari
[email protected]
Puh. 044 237 3227

Analysis of 1-10 websites

Price 750€ (+VAT 24%)

  • Your website is indexed by search engines
  • Your website is fast
  • Redirections work
  • The site is responsive, which means it also works correctly on mobile
  • There is enough content and the right keywords are used
  • The content is relevant to the customer
  • There are links to the site from other pages
  • The site provides links to other pages

We are also happy to analyse larger sets of websites.

Want to know more about search engine optimization?

Check out our comprehensive service package, which includes keyword research and search engine analysis, as well as training for you and your staff on search engine optimization, advertising and social media.