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“The creation of the Brillet website and its search engine optimization went really well. It was done with a few online meetings, which did not take up any unnecessary time. The process was really easy for us, with Reddo’s professionals taking care of Brillet’s web presence and we could focus on live customer service. With the addition of Google advertising on a small budget, Brillet’s visibility on Google has been significantly improved. I highly recommend Reddo’s straightforward and professional services.”

    Pasi Hiukka, Brillet

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Online marketing is becoming more and more common and one of the biggest channels for online marketing, apart from the social media, is search engines.

Ranking well in organic search results is largely the result of successful search engine optimization, while appearing in search engine ads according to conversion is search engine advertising. Is well-executed search engine optimization enough for your business or is paid advertising in search engines necessary?

You will learn all this and much more when you choose a comprehensive e-marketing package. Read below to see what’s included.

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Marianne Kupari
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About the service

Here is how the service proceeds:

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1. Order and contact

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2. Kick-off meeting

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3. Search engine accessibility – How you rank in search engines compared to your competitors and who are your biggest competitors in search results

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4. Search engine analysis – Is your website’s content, technology and links compatible with search engines?

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5. Keyword research – To what keywords should your content respond

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6. SEO training, 7hours.

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7. Search engine advertisement training, 7 hours.

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8. Social media marketing training, 7 hours.

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Good luck! You now know enough about search engine optimization and advertising and have the skills and materials to do it independently.