Social media marketing

Helping you with social media marketing

Social media marketing is an effective and cheap way to market. We produce marketing on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram on behalf of our clients.

Interested in social media marketing? We would be happy to do it for you or train you to be a professional.

Course on social media marketing

Social media marketing training for businesses, communities and associations. Learn how to advertise professionally on social media channels for a fee. The social marketing training is for those who want to deepen their social media marketing skills and want to implement effective social media marketing.

Your consultant:

Marianne Kupari
[email protected]
Puh. 044 237 3227

Price 1300€ (+VAT 24%)

  • Social media marketing: What, how and why?
  • Setting payment methods
  • Facebook pixels
  • Social media marketing visuals, how and with what tools
  • Tools for professional and rational social media content creation
  • Content design for social media marketing
  • Implementation of Business Manager and creation of advertising accounts
  • Social media budget planning
  • Remarketing and retargeting, advertising to visitors who have visited the website
  • Marketing your online store
  • Defining the target group for marketing