Suomen lentokenttähuolto


Suomen lentokenttä-huolto


Electrical work


Jani Siivola 
[email protected], 040 717 7815

Teija Mikkola
[email protected], 050 529 6484


ELY business development services: Productivity and digitalization consultation

Sales and marketing development

Website design (including the design of the company’s graphic identity)


Fall 2021

The need and goal of development

Suomen Lentokenttähuolto Oy was starting up its business and needed help in clarifying its entire business model (defining target groups/customers, specifying and describing services) and in planning and launching marketing and sales.

What was done?

The development work started with an analysis of the company’s operations and objectives, which was used to form a development plan. The analysis also included a review of the company’s business growth objectives for the next three years.

The development plan was further refined by designing online services and defining e-services to facilitate the company’s business. As a result, the company has a clear understanding of the systems and software it can deploy, particularly as its business grows.

In order to improve marketing, a graphic identity was designed for the company, including a logo, colour scheme and graphic guidelines. A website was designed and implemented for the company. The company was also assisted in the introduction of social media channels.