Short courses

Interesting, varied and practical training and coaching!

We organize tailor-made training courses for different organizations based on the client’s wishes. No fancy monotonous lectures where your eyelids close after the first few words and the whole time is a pain. Our trainers create an inspiring and enjoyable atmosphere for learning and our practical training is skills development at its best.

We train businesses in the use of various online services and tools such as different social media channels, website creation and updating, setting up an online shop, digitalization in business and online marketing tools.

Our training also includes comprehensive and professional training in marketing, sales and customer service.

Our training courses and workshops are available for both individual companies and groups of companies.

We have also conducted various workshops and training sessions for a number of municipal business agencies and organizations, as well as for various projects.

Our courses are tailored to the needs of the participants, ask for more information or request a quote for a training package that suits you!


Here are some of the topics on which we have trained companies. If you can’t find a topic you like in these examples, check out our services, as we offer courses in all our areas of expertise.

Online WordPress courses

Learn how to update your own website. Specifically designed for businesses using WordPress, but we also train on other publishing systems.


2 hour online course

Price 200€ (+VAT 24%) /company

Courses on sales and marketing

Practical marketing and sales training provides participants with plenty of concrete examples and exercises to help them put what they have learned into practice immediately.


Basics of marketing
Marketing planning, budgeting and implementation
Basics of sales
Pricing of products and services, how to sell
Marketing as part of business development
Why is marketing an important part of business development?

Digitalization in business

Websites, online stores, cloud services, ERP, resource management, customer management, accounting, billing and marketing. These are just a few of the topics covered in our digitalization training courses. The courses provide concrete examples of how digital tools and software can help companies to develop their business.


Digitalization in business
Why should you care about digitalization? How can it benefit and improve your business and bring growth?
Digital tools for business
We will go through different tools that are important for the business, such as cloud services (e.g. Google, Office365), customer management, ERP, sales channels, marketing tools. The course can be tailored to your specific needs.
Design and Maintenance of websites. Websites’ content creation with search engines in mind. The course can also cover, for example, the maintenance and management of existing websites.
Online stores
Designing an online store – what to consider when setting up an online shop? What is the right e-commerse solution for your business?

Social media tools

Social media is an important, and inexpensive, channel for marketing and selling your business. In our training courses, you will learn hands-on how to market and sell professionally on different social media channels.


Basics of social media
How to set up social media accounts? How do you connect different social media channels? How do you make interesting updates? How do you get followers? The Social Media Basics course is suitable for anyone starting to use social media as part of their business sales and marketing.
Social media marketing
Learn how to advertise professionally on social media channels for a fee.

Our courses have a professional but laid-back atmosphere. See photos of our courses below.